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On WhatsApp, a new type of virus is spreading like wildfire, and you must protect yourself. A link claiming to change the original green color of the WhatsApp logo to pink is circulating like wildfire through WhatsApp groups. Also read: Facebook Messenger users will soon be able to communicate directly with WhatsApp users on the site.

If you receive a WhatsApp message that contains a malicious connection, do not click on it because it is a virus. Here’s all you need to hear about the most recent WhatsApp scam, and how to avoid it. Moreover, With the latest update, iPhone users now have access to two new WhatsApp features: Check it out.

What is WhatsApp Pink link?

The widely circulated WhatsApp post, which includes a link, claims that clicking the link would change WhatsApp’s colour to pink. This connection is nothing more than a virus, and you should avoid clicking it. Also read: WhatsApp is working on a Payments Information feature, which will be available soon: Prepare a report


It should also be noted that no connection or other element will alter the app’s original logo or colour. If the company’s logo changes, the company should make an official statement about it. Otherwise, it’s a new way to deceive users and steal their login credentials.

According to reports, cyber experts are warning WhatsApp users from falling into the prey of the virus link. The message circulating on the messaging platform also claims to bring some new features. Don’t believe any of it.

What cyber experts say

According to cybersecurity experts, clicking on the malicious connection would compromise the user’s phone and grant access to their WhatsApp account. It is also claimed that if you click on the WhatsApp Pink connection, you would likely lose access to your WhatsApp account.

“Beware of WhatsApp Pink!!,” cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia warned on social media. With the aid of an APK download connection, a virus is being transmitted through WhatsApp groups. Do not click any link containing the phrase #WhatsappPink. You will lose complete control of your phone.” Several WhatsApp users have been confirmed to be sharing the malicious connection in groups, but this should be immediately stopped.


WhatsApp Pink link is a virus

Jiten Jain, the director of cyber intelligence company Voyager Infosec, advised WhatsApp users to only instal APKs or smartphone apps from Google or Apple’s official app stores.

“Such malicious apps can be used to infiltrate your phone and steal personal information such as images, text messages, and contacts. Malware that is based on the keyboard can be used to monitor anything you type. It has the capability of capturing and stealing banking passwords. “The current case of Pink WhatsApp or WhatsApp Gold is malware masquerading as a fake WhatsApp feature app,” Jain explained.

Here’s who to stay safe from such links

“Anyone can get an unexpected, uncharacteristic, or suspicious message on any service, including email, and if that happens, we highly advise everyone to use caution before reacting or engaging,” WhatsApp said in a statement. We also suggest that people who use WhatsApp use the resources we offer inside the app to send us a report, report a contact, or block a contact. Here are several suggestions for avoiding malicious links:


-Recognize the link. Examine the URL’s keywords. Often go back and double-check the official website’s connection.-Check for misspellings and grammatical errors.-Avoid clicking on links claiming free gifts, unauthorized software updates, and other similar offers.

-Refrain from forwarding such links to other WhatsApp contacts.

-In this case, check the official WhatsApp website and find out if there’s an official feature that changes green logo to pink.



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