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The long-awaited announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the exclusive Indian edition of PUBG Mobile, was made on May 6th. A link appears on the game’s official website, redirecting players to the Google Play Store in a new creation.

The long wait for the players is about to come to an end, and the entire group is ecstatic about all of the latest changes that have occurred in the last few weeks. A pre-registration process will take place before Battlegrounds Mobile India is officially launched.


The developers announced today that pre-registration for the upcoming game will start on May 18th. Players will soon be able to do so after the registrations go live from May 18th onwards.

Battlegrounds Mobile India : Everything you need to know

  • Only Indian users will be able to play the game, and there will be a pre-registration process prior to its release. The developers have yet to reveal the specifics of the project.
  • Krafton: “Your personal details will be processed and stored on servers in India and Singapore. If your information is transferred to another country or territory, we will take measures to ensure that it is protected to the same degree as if it stayed in India.”
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  • Players under the age of 18 will also be limited to 3 hours of play per day in the battle royale game. For such matches, the in-game spending limit has been set at INR 7,000.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India’s upcoming Esports ecosystem should offer the Indian Esports scene a much-needed boost after nine months of stagnation. These tournaments can provide a larger forum for PUBG Mobile Esports players due to the large prize pool.
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  • The game is expected to have a world-class AAA online gaming experience on mobile, according to the official announcement. Special in-game activities, such as costumes and features, will be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India.


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